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Saca - my cracy indian ♥


SacaS*Ruskprickens Sacagawea is my nice name in my pedigree, but I'm called "Sassa" at home (often written as Saca though). My name is after a female native american who was one heck of a tracker. Åsa sais the name suit me, since I'm not that bad on that either... I LOVE the season of buggs (as I call it), when there are flies, bumble-bees etc to catch outside in the catrun or indoors...

I was born and raised with Åsa, even if she do not own my mother, Jammies. That is why I have a different breeders name than the one my kittens have. I've had four litters and Åsa sais you could not ask for a better girl in breeding than me. Nowdays I'm a fat and content neutered cat, just like daddy. I've become more cool and pleased with myself when I put my breeding days behind me, but I still think Naja could use a smash in the head with my paws now and then. I can't let her get on her high horses now, can I?

I get a lot of comfort and support from my daddy and you can find me cuddeling just next to him in bed or on the sofa now and then. Daddy is quite nice that way. Most of the time I'm the house-holds welcome commity and I may also cuddle with you if you have the time? But don't expect me to sit in your lap or hang over your shoulder... I don't have time for that, a kiss on the head will do just fine...

The one with most foundation in the house? That would be me, which do show on my looks if may ask. Compared to my daughter and my father my fur is not that long, but I have plenty of it instead. My ears are not fully set, but have good size to them. I'm an average sized girl with nice substance. Most of my kittens have been given good size and heavy boning (even if I or their fathers may not have had that much of it). I've also made sure to pass on some of the crazy legacy I've inherited of my mother...

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Last updated: 2014-11-23