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The cats


Currently I have three Maine coons living with me, spanning over four generations. That was not my intention. To find an explaination for that I'll have to mention my parents old cat, S*Glowcoon's Denize Design. Denize was a very speciall lady. We got her in 1994 with the main intention of her keeping our German sheepheard company. We had two Birman at that point, but we'd heard that Maine coon cats favoured the company of a dog over one with a cat. Not sure that is true, but she was not well accepted by one of the Birmans and therefore spent most of her time with the dog. He stoped chewing his way through our house, and she had company. We got what we wanted and the dog and Denize seemed pleased with that. When I moved to Uppsala I realised how used I was to have a cat around my feet. Denize was rather old at that point and moving her was out of the question. Instead I started to dream about my own Maine coon... The result of that is S*Operacoon's Alfredo, aka Pillo from Marianne och Lasse Hård. I don't know what I expected, more than I was hoping for him to grow BIG like everyone else who get their first male of this breed. Well, he got big and... so very much like Denize with her ways and ticks. I realised that many of the attributes from Denize was not soley her doing, it was breed specific behaviour. That's what got me going...

In one of the litters Pillo sired a crazy girl by the name S*Ruskprickens Sacagawea, aka Saca, was born. She's crazy mostly due to her mother, PrairieBaby Freedom Song or Jammies as she's called. It may sound mean to call Jammies crazy, but if you met her you would know. ♥ I had the huge privilege to borrow her from Karolina (S*Ruskprickens) and have the litter with me and Pillo. So I know Jammies more than just from words of Karolina, and... well Jammies was crazy, in her own special way. I would gladly have kept her with me, but at that point I'd met my kids father and... well, to be honest he could not stand her. Jammies was one hell of a special cat and I'm happy that she is the begining of my blood-line here at home. At the moment this line will hopefully be carried on through my youngest female, Najas daughter, Maine Orchid Huntleya Sessiliflora. She is not normal either, but we have diluted it slightly for the past generations since Jammies... slightly...

Pillo Saca Naja
Last updated: 2018-06-06