Maine Orchid

Naja - our royal princess


Naja Maine Orchid Coelogyne Naja, or "Naja-bus", that's me! I'm the youngest cat at home and I make sure that shows. In some cases I get mommy to come play with me, but we don't always go along anymore so we tend to play on our own.

If you are looking for the cuddly cat that loves to lay in Åsas lap, then that would be me. As soon as she sits down in the couch I'm there purring and cuddling with her. I do my very best to make her forget the computer for a while, and I tend to succeed in that...

My upbringing was not the easiest one, since we had the neighbours cats here fighting with my mom outside the catrun-net (before she went through it and after him, he did not come back after that...). I got somewhat scared by that, so don't expect me to always come and say hi when you come to a visit, I may find you scary until I get to know you. But once I DO know you, I'll tend to be in your way most of the time. The very same goes for kids that come to visit. They are fun, coz they tend to play with me... a lot... I like that!

I stole a lot of my looks from my father, Pekka, not that much from my mother. That is good since Åsa was looking for improvement. However, there are still things that can be improved further. As a fully grown princess I'm still rather thin, I got that from daddy too, mommy is... not thin at all... I have good length, boning and the length of the fur is where it is supposed to. However, I could use some more amount of fur, I didn't get that from mommy... With some more weight on my thin body I should also give a really nice and substantial impression, Åsa sais...

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Last updated: 2014-11-23