Maine Orchid

Pillo - my big cuddely-bear


PilloCH S*Operacoon's Alfredo, some say that is my name? But I have been called Pillo since the day I moved in with Åsa. It's Spanish for rasker and it is pronounced "Pijo".

I'm Åsas big teddy-bear, have the house-holds longest fuse (as they say in Swedish), and I belive I personate the Maine coon description of a "gentle giant".

I've been forced to live with some kittens here over the years... To be honest they are rather nice as long as they are small, like before they lern to walk (they are funny to tip when they can't find the balance) or when they want to cuddle... but when they want to play...? No no... Not my cup of tea, you know?

When I moved in with Åsa she was still a Uni-student. Much has happend since, but back then we used to travel a lot with train and/or car for the hollidays. I still like to travel, but Åsa now force me to ride with my daughter, since she don't like that and I have a "soothing attitude"... So my trip rarely get as relaxing as I want it too any more. unless I squeze her up in one corner and use her as pillow? To be honest that works just fine with me...

I'm not a small boy if you ask most of the people that come here, in some aspects I'm acctually too big. The size come from my mothers side, my father is not that big (it takes two daddies to equal one me). Both of them are very friendly cats and I have inherited that from them. In general I'm a medium typed boy, little short muzzle and some sizes too small ears, but it still makes things balanced so we tend to neglect that here. Most of my positive attributes have been passed down to my offsprings such as boning and nice temper.

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